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Volunteer at Buzz India: Finding My Direction

Manya volunteered with Buzz India for two whole years and found something that she could not find as a management consultant. But what kept her going and take on her role as a volunteer to the next level? Here’s her story.

Back in 2017, I had just landed a plush job as a management consultant. But, I often found myself wondering – ‘What is my purpose?’ Volunteering with Buzz India has helped me find that purpose.

Why Volunteer?

Over the last two years, Uthara and the team at Buzz India have coached and entrusted me with multiple initiatives. The biggest of those has been working on creating a financial literacy curriculum to help Buzz India digitize it’s trainings. I have worked on a range of initiatives. Whether it was defining topics to be included in the training application or writing questionnaires for testing the efficacy of the curriculum.

The willingness of Uthara and the team to teach us patiently about the sector is commendable. Uthara took the time to take me on a field visit before she got me started on any initiative. Meeting the women whose lives I will impact had a profound impact on me. Hearing about their ideas and interacting with them helped me realize how enterprising and laborious they are. I knew then that I wanted to use my education and experience to help marginalized women in India become financially independent.

Me at a Buzz Training Session

Speaking to Uthara and hearing her experiences on the field invigorates you. It has continuously helped me stay the course. The passion the team has to create a grassroots impact pushed me to work harder. Their flexibility and patience when I couldn’t meet deadlines has helped me sustain my efforts for over 2 years now.

Finding Self and Maximising Potential

The independence and support you will be offered as a volunteer will help achieve individual targets you set for yourself as a volunteer at Buzz India. The team is always forthcoming to suggestions. They are equally as vocal about past failures. Hearing their perspective has broadened how I think. Time and again, I have been able to develop and demonstrate that I can now apply myself in business environments as disparate as an NGO and a multinational.

The reason Buzz India continues to hold my interest is their innovative way of promoting financial literacy and enhancing financial inclusion. Not only are the women trained to handle their finances, they are also continuously kept informed about opening bank accounts, latest government investment schemes and other areas of inclusive finance. Very few NGOs in my opinion have been able to meet this dual objective.

These are the reasons that make me believe, if you’re truly willing to devote time, demonstrate a will to learn and resonate with the cause, Buzz India will help you make a significant leap in your conquest to make a difference. Uthara and the team have certainly defined where my passion lies.

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