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Your gift is a gift for life: the opportunity for women to transform their lives. The money will go directly to our Shakti Fund, which is used to train even more women.


All Buzz Women trained women will also contribute financially to our Shakti Fund. Meaning that your gift will lead to more gifts.


Become part of the journey! Enabling 10 million women to become drivers of progress.

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Donate globally

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If you would like to donate annually—join our 500 000 campaign!

Join our programs

This is our invitation to you. To start growing together. And create space for who you truly are.

Buzz Women's flagship programs and the Beehive model will help you take that first step. They are build to help you gain new perspectives on the 5 C’s.

Get in touch with our local offices through the form below, to find out where our programs are available locally.


We are excited to meet you!

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