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We have an unwavering believe in the power within women to create change. Our programs are a safe space where women empower themselves and change together! Setting in place a permanent learning system led and owned by you and your fellow women.

" When the bus is gone, 

  progress goes on "

Path towards sustinable progres
The Programme
African women in a training session sitting in a circle

Shakti Training

The Shakti (Inner Power) Training is delivered in two half-day sessions with a week’s gap between the first and the second session. During the training we create space for your inner power and focus on the three components: cash, confidence and climate. We encourage the women to challenge their attitudes and beliefs, while giving them the skills and tools to do so. 

Shakti Training
Anchor Woman

Anchor Woman

On the second day of the Shakti Training,  every batch identifies and nominates one woman as their Anchor Woman. They become Buzz's change agents and role models for the other trained women. We support the Anchor Women in their journey to become community leaders through extensive training in the Anchor Women Training.


The Anchor Women are key to handholding the sustainability of the programme as they bring back their knowledge to the community in the Buzz Beehive sessions.

Two Indian women sitting next to each other laughing
African women in a training session complementing each other

Anchor Women Training

This programme is for the community Anchor Women. They get trained by Buzz staff in 6 modules focused on self-awareness, communication, constructing the ideal village, and leadership skills. This will equip them with the tools and skills to become a change agent in their community.


The anchor women will be organizing monthly learning sessions with her training group, we call this women's group a Beehive.

Anchor Women Training

Buzz Beehive

The Beehives are the monthly learning sessions organised and led by the Anchor Women from the community. The Anchor Women share the knowledge they gained from the Anchor Women Training. Through the Beehives a permanent learning system is established in every village.


The sessions are held through peer consulting, without the intervention of Buzz staff. The women can discuss their challenges and propose ideas. Many community initiatives came from these meetings. 

Buzz Beehive
Rice harvesting 4.png

Buzz Green

The Buzz Green Program is focused on three levels: climate change awareness, close to home climate action and eco-preneurship.


It covers awareness, sustainability and management of natural resources, climate smart technology and living-practices, agricultural sustainability, and food security.

Buzz Green

Buzz Business

This programme provides mentorship and incubation to women entrepreneurs in the larger Buzz family. We also focus on helping women to get organised into cooperatives and start their own group enterprise.

Buzz Business

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"I really wanna do something amazing, something huge like a big factory of Haddy Touray, empowered by the learnings from Buzz Gambia."
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