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Women Entrepreneurship in the Frontline City

The opening of the U&WE Hub in Zaporizhzhia in January 2024 was an important step in the development of women's business. The Hub has become not just a place for events, but an important space where women entrepreneurs can share their experience, skills, and resources. We are talking about the development of the U&WE Hub in a frontline city. Often, the days dedicated to the training program or other events are accompanied by anxiety. But what could have demoralised us, on the contrary, united us. Svitlana Mamai, local coordinator of U&WE Hub in Zaporizhzhia says:

“I am happy to see women come to the U&WE Hub despite the morning explosions and shelling. I feel proud of these unbreakable girls who find support and inspiration in each other. It is invaluable to see how they strive for new knowledge and achievements, and turn their small businesses and preferences into full-fledged business ideas that are interesting and useful to others”. 

Zaporizhzhia has shown that future entrepreneurs are ready to invest all their energy in getting what they want, to grab every opportunity: training, consultation, experience exchange, mentoring support, a lecture or anything else to make their aspirations come true. After the first training session, 13 women presented and defended their business ideas. Among them, there are those who boldly went on to receive grant support for their projects. With confident steps, they are investing in the development of the local economy, which suffered during the war. 

Existing Zaporizhzhia entrepreneurs also did not stand aside from the opening of the U&WE Hub. They supported the project as guest lecturers and experts. It was also very valuable how they shared their experiences and mistakes, advised women on the best solutions, helped them find specialists to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, and invited them to visit their enterprises to show them what and how to set up their businesses for success.

Everyone is used to thinking of Zaporizhzhia as an industrial factory city. To a certain extent, it is, but now the city is changing and developing, discovering new ways. And one of them is the U&WE Hub with its incredible community that inspires and empowers change!

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