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In 2023 we set foot in Tanzania. Buzz Women in Tanzania is powered by SOTE. Sote in Kiswahili means "together". The team has a strong background in development cooperation and is passionate about the great impact empowered women will have on communities. The Tanzanian team has been trained by the teams in India and The Gambia. Utilizing the local governments to mobilize women to bring financial literacy and self-empowerment to their doorstep.




flagship programs

We currently have programs rolled out in the Kilimanjaro region: Rombo and Moshi DC

Programs tanzania

The Inner Power

The Inner Power training is a two-half day training about financial literacy, entrepreneurship and personal development. With our mobile academies we reach women around the country at their doorstep. After the training, the women form a Beehive—a local women’s group. They take ownership and continue their learning process. From this group, one woman will become the Anchor Woman. She will be the two-way connect between Buzz Women and the community.


Anchor Women training

This programme is for the chosen Anchor Women. They get trained by Buzz Women in 6 modules focused on self-awareness, communication, constructing the ideal village, and leadership skills. This will equip them with the tools and skills to become a change agent in their community. The Anchor Women will be organizing monthly learning sessions with her training group, we call this women's group a Beehive.

the team

Meet team Tanzania

Gloria S. Mtei

Finance & Administration Manager


Medan M. Otto

Lead trainer


Hellen Priver Mboye

Communications & Trainers’ Assistant


Emanoela Casmir Ngalu



Our chief changemaker in Tanzania

Gasto Thadeus Lekule



Gasto is the CEO and Founder of The Sote Initiative, a local NGO that implements the Buzz Women Tanzania. Gasto holds MSc Business Administration in International Management from the University of Twente and has substantial experience in project management, capacity building, business development and entrepreneurship and research.


Gasto loves Buzz Women because of the uniqueness of the program; it is built around sustainable thinking—it carries the philosophy “teach the women how to fish, instead of giving them fish”, also, the continued connection with the beneficiaries, through the “anchor women program” brings in a sense of sustainability; “the school on the wheels” concept allows for convenience, as the services are delivered in close proximity to the beneficiaries, which gives a chance to all interested women to participate; the training modules are very appropriate and adjustable/customizable, therefore matching the contents with specific contexts where the program is implemented; also, the applied tools and methods are very simple, interactive and user-friendly and hence so impactful.


Furthermore, the network of Buzz Women in the different countries in the world, provides an opportunity for continuous cross-country learning (gaining best practices from other countries), support and improvements, therefore, making the total power of global women even stronger.

Tanzania Ambassadors

board members

Buzz Women Tanzania is actively supported by the following people. We are proud to call them Buzz advisors and ambassadors:


Eutropia Edward Ngido



Wesley Nsomba

Advisor—finance & administration


Dr. Honest Leopold Ndanu 



Rebecka Peter

Advocate—she plays the legal advisor’s role in the Buzz Women Tanzania Program.


Thadeus Aloyce Lekule

Advisor—environment & climate change


Rose Bonaventure Lyimo

Advocate, Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths. She supports Buzz Women in legal matters.

"The knowledge that we have acquired in our group through Buzz Women Tanzania intervention has enlightened us mostly on the issue of financial discipline. We even came to realize how vital it is to pay ourselves salaries from the small businesses that we are running so that we can safeguard the capital. This was a very new thing to most of us at Kyendo group that the Buzz Women Tanzania program introduced. I perceive a potential to economic expansion when these good financial practices are fully implemented."


impact stories

Mrs. Pasila Ngalu

Group: Kyendo group-Secretary

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