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An Inspirational Story of The Jammeh’s Cashew Business.

Meet Antoinette and Mario Jammeh, a couple involved in cashew production. Their journey began 15 years ago when they moved to a small village in Suma Kunda. The Jammehs' cashew business consists of nut picking and a juice press, which is quite profitable. However, their business has faced many challenges due to a lack of basic trading principles. They have experienced many losses over the years, including the loss of 9 barrels of cashew juice to a customer, theft, and a lack of a saving strategy to recover their losses. Despite these problems, the Jammehs have been able to raise their young family, earn a stable income, and have solid family savings. They also create employment opportunities for other families in the village of Suma Kunda.

The turning point for their business was when Antoinette attended the Buzz Women Training by Jainaba Manjang, which helped her gain valuable skills. Even though they face challenges such as the lack of juice press machines, protective fences and gears, storage facilities etc., they continue to thrive. Families and women like Antoinette are the backbones of our society. Our mobile school buses enable families to acquire skills and make informed choices, village after village and region by region.

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