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funding & partnerships

We are looking for people and companies that

love impact,

and believe in the power of women to transform society

from within

We focus on inner strength, intrinsic motivation and solidarity (rather than outside dependency).


The movement is owned by women: an easy access, decentralised, grassroots network of 600.000+ women leading change in their own communities.

holistic &


We focus on what matters most for women and their families: confidence (personal empowerment), cash (economic), climate (ecological), care (health & nutrition) and community (collective impact).



Once women are part of the learning system they pay it forward to enable more women to join.


We are multi-cultural and foster gender synergy & next generation involvement. Women from all over the world start the movement, involving men and children along the way.

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The Gambia:

The Netherlands/Global:

Uniqueness - Shakti

change from within—Shakti

The Hindu Goddes Shakti is the mother goddess, manifesting to restore balance. She is the creating source of the universe.

Shakti lives within all of us and we focus on igniting this inner power. We have an unwavering believe in the power within women. It is the starting point in all we do.


Buzz Women has thousands of "head quarters", in our case "heart quarters”. These are the Beehives in which women come together to learn and share with each other. Our 'Chief Energy Officers' are the Anchor Women, they are in charge of their Beehive. The Anchor Women go through a leadership process guided by Buzz. All the knowledge and skills they gain they bring back to their own Beehive.


All Beehives are supported by our country teams in India, Gambia, Georgia and the Netherlands. These are locally registered not for profit organizations. Here, new 'training capsules' are continuously being developed based on the needs of the Beehives. All Anchor Women are also visited and coached on a regular basis by Buzz staff. The various Buzz Women country teams constantly exchange knowledge among themselves and share their experiences to keep building the global movement.

Uniqueness - Ownersip


Buzz Women is a global movement built on the intrinsic motivation and solidarity of women. This is also reflected in our financial model.


Where we offer the first trainings for free, we ask all women in our network to voluntarily contribute financially to our Shakti Fund so that we can reach more women, launch more mobile schools and further expand our knowledge network.


Donations or investments are thus generated across the Buzz Women network. For example, for €6, a woman in India can join our network and be offered initial training. Subsequently, the same woman pays an annual contribution of €5 to give another woman the opportunity to join the ecosystem as well. In this way, money keeps working in our system and reaches more and more women!

Uniqueness - Regenerative
Uniqueness - Systemic


What makes Buzz Women unique is that the ownership of the change is in the hands of all the women. They take the lead and actively involve other women, men and children. This way, women's development sets in motion an irreversible process of progress on all fronts. We approach progress from an integral perspective: personal development and health go hand in hand with economic development and climate action. The scale on which we operate ensures a large-scale impact, locally and internationally. The continuity and intensity ensure a deep-rooted change that passes from generation to generation.


In addition to making education accessible, Buzz Women focuses on developing new development paths and opportunities. A great example is Buzz Ecopreneurs, where we revitalize local economies by helping female "green" entrepreneurs start their businesses. The starting point is the production and distribution of local environmentally friendly products for daily use (such as cooking oil, toothpaste and detergent).


It is our belief and experience that real change requires synergy. Between the female and the male, different generations and cultures. That is why we work with women of all ages and backgrounds and invite men and children to participate. Only in this way do we work towards a society that is long-term oriented and in which everyone can flourish.

When I think about the last six years of my life, I ask myself: am I the same woman? I’m astonished to see who I was before, who I’ve become and how I keep evolving today.
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