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  • Scale
    Total number of women trained: 220.000 (per March 2020). Total number of staff in India, Gambia & The Netherlands: 90 fte.
  • Sustainability
    5000 anchor women organising monthly learning meetings in 5000 villages
  • Cash (economic empowerment)
    97% of women trained have increased their financial literacy through the training 89% of women are able to manage household expenses better 84% of the women have increased their savings up to 30% 62% have improved their financial situation by increasing their income, lowering their expense or increasing the assets 81% have expanded their enterprise
  • Confidence (personal empowerment)
    47% women have improved self-confidence 3 in 10 buzz women are able to make more decisions than before in their family
  • Community (social empowerment)
    92% are aware of issues in their community 71% of the women have worked upon some issue in their community

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