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Self-Shakti trainer Chandrashekaraiah’s perspective

In the last 14 months as a Self-Shakti trainer on the ground for me has not been about just delivering content, It is about delivering a programme which is transformational for the women while empathizing with their situation.

There are many transformations in the women that I see, some are immediate and some take their time to come. But what keeps me going to the field every day is the changes in the lives of the women for the better. One woman named Savitha had given up on collaborating along with her husband in their financial decisions. She felt that the debt created by him was his and not for her to worry about. After coming to the first day’s training she went back home and sat her husband down for a constructive conversation. She told him that she wanted to work along with him to reduce their debt and increase their savings for their children’s future. When she told me about how she had transformed her life and how she worked with her husband as a team, it made me realize the importance of the work that we do.

It is not about delivering content….its about changing destinies

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