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Rising from the Depression of a Daughter’s Death

Natalena was angry, miserable, shocked and in the grip of a grief that she couldn’t shake off her soul. How could a mother come to terms with the fact that her daughter committed suicide? And Natalena sought to punish herself by rejecting life. But life has its own ways to get going.

A friend of Natalena persuaded her to come along with her for a training that she heard about, Buzz India’s training. She told Natalena that she might be able to divert her mind if she attended the training. Thanks to the efforts of this friend, Natalena showed up at Buzz India’s training at Hosahalli Palaya.

As the trainer spoke, she saw the return of life itself that she denied all this while. She wanted to see new possibilities. She realized that while she mourned the death of her daughter, she ignored her two other daughters. She began to feel the courage to rise from the shroud of grief.

Within just one year after attending our training, Natalena’s savings increased. Along with her husband, she set up a plastic induction moulding work unit in her house. This has started bringing her a steady income. She complemented this income with a farming income in her land. She started growing and selling vegetables in her land adjoining the house.

Natalena is now completely engaged in various activities. The finances of her family have tremendously improved, but that is only secondary. What’s so much more heart rendering is that a woman who said she felt like dying many times, has now created many reasons to live for herself. Picking up the pieces of life after a tragedy and overcoming depression is no small feat. She fills us with respect and with a renewed sense of purpose for our work. We did not imagine that our work could bring someone out of depression. The word ‘empowerment’ for sure has multitudes of hues and each woman defines it the way it most means to her.

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