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Rajeshwari Is Perhaps the Fastest Entrepreneur We Have Seen Till Date

Rajeshwari had walked into Aswini’s training session in Gubbi village without much expectation. Rajeshwari had decided that she will go the nearby town to find herself a job as a data entry operator. She wasn’t happy about that decision considering that she will have to commute a long distance on a daily basis and the salary promised to her was just pittance. But Rajeshwari felt she had no other choice. Her family ran a petty shop in the village but the returns from it proved increasingly insufficient. Before taking up the job, Rajeshwari thought she’ll anyways attend this training from an organization called Buzz India that she heard about from her friends.

On the first day of training, perhaps Rajeshwari heard exactly what she wanted to hear. Ashwini, the Buzz trainer at Gubbi, was inspiring the women to find the entrepreneurs in themselves. She kindled their thought process of the women towards starting their own enterprises, however small they might be.  For Rajeshwari, this was the moment that changed the next big decision of her life. She decided that she will not take up the job but she will do something on her own.

The second training session happened a week later. By this time, the bitten entrepreneur in Rajeshwari went ahead and started a snacks business attached to the petty shop of her family. She invested in a snacks cart from the money she had saved. The petty shop came alive every evening and became an instant favourite among the villagers. She came back to the training and cheerfully announced her entrepreneurial foray within just seven days of the first training. Her snacks business now earns her Rs 500 per day in addition to the income that the petty shop brings.

We are proud to see the spirit that Rajeshwari showed in discovering her own way towards financial freedom through entrepreneurship. There are more Rajeshwaris waiting to be found in our villages and we are set out to reach them.

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