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Community building through gardening

Hello, I’m Salome Popiashvili and I’m passionate about gardening. I see gardening as an important community activity.

In 2019 I traveled to Berlin to participate in Urban Remedy, a training program on public gardening. I arrived very prepared and got maximum knowledge from all the people who had experience and love for this work. When I returned to Georgia, I decided to design a community garden.

After returning to Tbilisi I founded “Kokopeli,” a community garden. Later, I became involved in the Buzz Georgia program which supports and connects women entrepreneurs.

Today, Kokopeli is a unique youth project in Tbilisi, a garden where people can come together in a community of shared interest. Each weekend, roughly 10 young people come to Kokopeli to practice gardening together. This is our space, where all of us are responsible for our own actions. I know that this place will become a place for people to realize their dreams and desires. I know that sooner or later this place will turn into a green center of the city, where people will come and learn a lot about themselves, as well as the environment, plants, ecology.

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