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A Rural Woman Takes Charge of Husband’s Shop, Doubles Income

Mamtha, a 25-year-old woman who grew up in a small town, didn’t have it in her to go through the grind of farming along with her in-laws. Her husband, Anjanamurthy, runs an electrical shop in Konapura village, but he had to force Mamtha to go along with him and support him in the shop. But this is a story of the past. Today, Mamtha is a superwoman.

Mamtha attended the Buzz Vyapar training and within just two months, she called up Kalaivani, Buzz’s Anchor Woman (Gelathi Facilitator) with exuberance in her voice. Mamtha’s life has had an unbelievable makeover. She went back home after the Vyapar training with an aspiration to become independent.

Mamtha went back to her husband and told him she wanted to support him with the shop. She asked him to teach her all the details about billing and invoicing, taxes (GST), and how he managed the accounts. She went to the shop, sat with him and absorbed everything rather quickly. Soon, Mamtha felt confident enough to tell her husband that she would manage the shop on her own and her husband could go to the fields to help his parents. Her husband was pleasantly surprised. He was happy to see this dramatic change and hearteningly; he trusted Mamtha would manage everything.

Mamtha felt they should offer servicing and repairing of the products, and this could bring in additional revenue for the business. She hired two employees to do the job, and she effectively marketed the service to the customers.

This additional service at the shop added a sheen to the business. Before Mamtha took over the reins, the income from the shop was around Rs. 30K per month. Today the shop earns 50K to 60K – doubled in just two months!

The success of this shop is a manifestation of Mamtha’s change as a person. When she realised her own potential, she became unstoppable. And here, we have a husband who believed in the potential of his wife to thank too.

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