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From spare parts to service bay

Elionora P. Urio is a 43 years old woman, from Mengeni Chini village. She attended the Buzz Women training on financial literacy through her group called Timra. She’s an entrepreneur who runs a business of motor bikes spare parts. She has reported that, since she joined the Buzz Women program, she started maintaining proper financial records in her economic activities and domestic expenses; she goes further articulating that, as a result, her business has experienced an increasing growth rate.

“The training I got through Buzz Women has been very useful to me as an entrepreneur. Before subscribing to the program, I had very poor records keeping behavior; I used to memorize my business financial data, most of which used to be unaccounted for, due to forgetfulness. I used to try maintaining receipts for my purchases for reference, without writing anything down, but still this didn’t work out.


I struggled to raise capital for my business several times and failed to control spending, which resulted into leakage of funds, and because of poor knowledge and skills, I couldn’t sport the areas where the business was making loss. I’m now scaling my business up to a point that my husband and I are planning to open a workshop (service bay) for motor cycles next to our store.”


Thanks to the Buzz Women program for mobilizing us in our communities for the crucial matter on records keeping and financial discipline. Joining the program has improved my business and home affairs.

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