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The domino effect of her financial skills

Updated: Jul 11

Before meeting Buzz Women, my habits and attitudes were quite different. I used to save money in small amounts, and my health was at risk from my excessive consumption of Ataya, a drink with high sugar content. I used to have it three times a day, which not only affected my health negatively but also put a strain on my finances. However, after receiving training from Buzz Women, I cut down my Ataya consumption to once a day, usually after returning from my shop.

The most significant change for me was when I started managing my income in portions. I allocated one portion for my salary, another for merchandise, and the rest was saved. Over time, the portion I saved grew to D12,000 about three years ago. I then decided to invest this amount. I reached out to my Mum in the Village and asked her to lend D12,000 to villagers who needed startup income for their farms during the summers. The condition was that they could pay back the loan in commodities instead of cash. When the groundnuts yielded a return, I sold them and made D22,000, excluding about 2000 worth of groundnuts that I let go to support an elderly villager facing financial setbacks.

After recovering this money, I reinvested it in a piece of land, considering the increasing needs of my growing family. I agreed with the village head to pay for the land in instalments. I initially paid the entire D22,000 I had recovered, and then continued with instalments of 10k, 15k, and 5k until the debt was completely settled. The village head processed the documents, demarcated the perimeter of the plot, and handed over the documents to me.I am proud to have been associated with Buzz Women and have participated in various activities. I particularly remember the great book launch of "The Gift of Friendship" and I was proud to attend it.

The energy of our global movement is fuelled by inspirational women like Isatou a force for good and a catalyst for change. Empowered women empower communities to become resilient. a realisation of a domino effect.

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