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A Busy Tea-Stall, a Woman’s Financial Freedom

When Padma, our trainer, went back to Tippedarasarahalli in Tumkur district, Karnataka, India, to meet the women she trained, she hadn’t expected a beautiful surprise. Mamatha, one of women Padma trained, came running to her. She showered her with words of gratitude for changing her life.

When Mamatha came to Buzz’s training, she was a housewife whose life was limited to her house. The training triggered a strong feeling in her heart that she should also do something on her own. She felt she was wasting her time at home and discussed with her husband that she should start a business of her own. Her husband was impressed with the energy that he found in Mamatha and offered all his support. Mamatha then started looking for opportunities. Near their village, major construction work by the government was happening. Mamatha thought that there will be demand for a tea stall and a petty shop in the area.

Without wasting much time, Mamatha decided to take a loan of Rs 15000 to start the shop. Soon, the shop became a reality.

Mamatha is a busy woman today and her shop is always bustling with customers. “My biggest satisfaction is that now I don’t have to ask money from anyone. I’m financially free and I’m so happy that I have been able to do achieve all this with my own effort”, Mamatha shared with Padma.

Mamatha invited Padma to her shop and offered her a cup of hot tea for which she refused to take money from Padma. But Padma insisted, “You have started a business taking my inputs and I want to contribute to your business. It’s my privilege to pay for this tea.”

Mamatha now aims to start a bigger shop in the village. The success of her first shop gives her the confidence that she will be able to reach this next big goal of her life.

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