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20 Women of Harippanapalaya Have Got Together to Learn Tailoring

In the village of Harippanapalaya, Shantamma’s courtyard has become a zone bustling with activity. Every day, twenty women gather here to learn tailoring and embroidery. After attending the Buzz India training, these women got bitten by the aspiration to create a better life for themselves. They wanted to learn something new and wanted to equip themselves with a skill. With their Buzz Gelathi, Neelamma and the Buzz Gelathi Facilitator, Bhagyamma, to guide them, they zeroed in on one common interest – tailoring.

Soon, everything started falling into place. Nagarathnamma, a veteran in tailoring, offered to give classes for free for the women. Shantamma offered her courtyard for the women to gather and learn. They also got two tailoring machines for free. It is heartening to see how an idea and the initiative to make it work has set things in motion.

Some of the women have decided they will start their own tailoring business. Some want to learn the skill so that they can stitch their own clothes and not spend on getting it stitched from outside. Some want to have a skill at hand. Whatever be their motive behind this initiative, they have definitely brought change to their lives.

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