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Get inspired! ....set a goal

Like craving for food you have been longing to eat, it all begins with a thought. The thought becomes a GOAL. With a goal in mind, it sets the ground and the bases to be successful.

Buzz Gambia "Fangdema"

session is our module for Financial Literacy. Embedded in it is goal-setting roleplay. A Woman will set a goal, to stack as many wooden tiles as she can. Whiles at it with her eyes will be tied, fellow participants will guide her to achieve what she wants by staking as many wooden tiles as possible.

The play invokes the realities of life in setting a goal and working towards achieving it. With the community as your guide and Critic. A woman will be distracted from achieving her Goal by hearing or taking wrong advice in society likewise a woman can be successful in her business by also taking positive advice from society. Like in the roleplay, a woman will be guided to stack as many wooden tiles as she could but if she is greedy to stack all her tiles very high without a good balance the small tower will collapse indicating failure. the moral of the play is to set achievable goals and systematically work towards them. In consideration of feedback from the community.

Buzz Women Gambia’s mission of building strong and resilient communities trains and advises women to set achievable goals in their journey to success, and that they should pay attention with an open mind to feedback. it will help them develop their products better.

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