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About Social Franchise

By 2030 the aim is to self-empower 10 million women worldwide. To scale up delivery of the Buzz Women empowerment model we developed a Social Franchise System. The idea is simple and effective: we work with a local partner that wants to set-up and invest in Buzz Women in their own country. As Buzz Women we provide the know-how and expertise to make it work locally. We train trainers, transfer our methodologies and team up technology wise.

Buzz Georgia is conducted by Crystal Fund, together with the Financial Inclusion organization Crystal, as the Component of the broader YES-Georgia Program, funded by the USAID. 


Through our Social Franchise Model we have started Buzz Georgia in Georgia in April 2020. Our partner is Microfinance Organization Crystal that works actively on gender inclusion. Buzz Georgia is working towards providing more than 2.500 women with business management training, access to finance, access to legal and accounting services and mentoring and networking opportunities in 2024. This will support women entrepreneurs to increase their business capacities and contribute to wider growth in Georgia’s economy.

Meet the team

Maya Kobalia picture.jpg

What I love most about Buzz is the possibility to change another women’s life for the better. Sometimes all we/humans need is little bit of attention from the like-minded people, a caring heart and a considerate mind and that’s what women get and give at the Buzz trainings.

Maya Kobalia

Chief Changemaker Buzz Georgia

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