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The women of Jambajelly Garden are doing monoculture farming this year. They found it hard to sell their products when the market was already saturated, this resulted in significant losses for them after working hard during the vegetable season.

To address this issue, Musu Kebba and the women of Jambajelly decided to adopt a mono-culture farming strategy. They will only produce Beans and Maize, on each bank of their garden space. By working together, they hope to achieve a better yield and higher profits to benefit all of them. Mono-culture farming has advantages and disadvantages, and it is one of the most controversial features of modern agriculture.

However, in Jambajelly Women's Garden, mono-culture farming will save them from post-harvest losses, increase the chance to use machines to boost production and be profitable for the women. The work of Buzz Women is instilling skills and knowledge in women to think strategically for the good of themselves, their families, and the community.

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