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Rathnamma, a woman we trained, fundraised Rs. 24K for Buzz!

The best part about working with women is that change amplifies in surprising ways. We always knew that women share. If their life changes, they ensure that the change reaches their children, their families and friends and neighbours. But Rathnamma surprised us here as well.

With the Buzz Shakti Fund, we see the generosity of the women who come from difficult financial backgrounds. Women whose capability has been enhanced by Buzz Women program pay-it-forward so that another woman like them can bring prosperity to her life. Rathnamma decided to take this inherent generosity even further. When she heard how a woman like her can empower the life of another woman, she thought, “I want to do much more”.

She decided to go from one house to another in her village and raise as much money as she can so that more lives can be empowered, and many more lives can be changed. Ignoring her hurting legs, Rathnamma became an ambassador of Buzz, talked about our work, the impact and how lives have changed and will change. She single-handedly raised Rs. 24,000 and donated to Buzz!

Rathnamma was a tailor and she had to stop tailoring because of a persistent leg pain condition. But after she attended the Buzz training in 2022, she took charge of her family’s finances. She cut down on unnecessary expenses, started saving money and feels they are financially comfortable. Rathnamma also became actively involved in the community, helping other women solve their problems. “Look at me. You know how I was and see how much my life has changed”, this is how Rathnamma presented Buzz’s work to her villagers.

We never asked Rathnamma to do this. She felt the need, believed in the impact and volunteered. Such unasked generosity from the women we work for reinforces our belief that our work matters. Then why would we not chase ambitious goals. We want more and more women to experience change. We reached 500,000 in 10 years. How about the 5 million in half the time? Join our extraordinary journey!

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