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It is a great happiness to discover yourself

Hello I'm Ia Tavbdishvili, a wife and mother in the village of Guiranta who wanted more in life beyond tending to my home and raising three children. I got married at a very young age of 18, but I was lucky - I have a very good family. They noted that I was sitting at home, doing nothing, once my children were older.

I decided I wanted my own business and so I used the sewing skills my mother taught me to open a sewing salon and launch clothing lines for children, teens and women.

I launched my business in 2018. My first line is “Tabeba”, clothing for children and teens, and my second line is “Only Uno” for women. I employ my mother and two others to make clothes.

Before the business I struggled with a complex. I kept telling myself that I had not graduated from university and I was undiplomatic. Then I realized that this paper means nothing. The important thing is to always be eager to learn. It is a great happiness to discover yourself in a field that you could not have imagined before.

I advise girls not to give up. If they do not succeed, try again. If they think this is what they need and want, they can do everything they can to achieve that.

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