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Empowering Rural Women: U&WE Hub's Impact on Entrepreneurship in Ukrainian Villages

The Ukrainian business landscape changed a lot after the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022. Due to the conflict, women took on leadership roles in managing businesses while their men went to the frontline. Many women entrepreneurs had to relocate and are now working hard to restore their businesses. The U&WE Hub training program is actively contributing to assistance to them through organizing training activities in regions of Ukraine.

While women in big cities have easy access to business resources, education and communities, the same can’t be said for women in villages. They often face limitations in access to educational opportunities, despite their eagerness to learn, develop, and run their own businesses.

To bridge this gap, the U&WE Hub started conducting one-day entrepreneurship training sessions in villages across Ukraine, focusing on the basics of entrepreneurship. Women leave the training with practical tools and knowledge, covering everything from defining a business idea to creating a step-by-step business plan, securing investments, and attracting partners.

This program is unique because, in Ukraine, only the U&WE Hub provides educational entrepreneurship programs for women in villages. To date, the U&WE Hub has conducted 10 training sessions, reaching nearly 200 women in these rural areas.

After the training, participants express gratitude and report positive changes in their businesses. They emphasize that this training is particularly valuable and crucial for women who want to start their own businesses.

After completing the training women note positive changes in their business, as they leave with a ready business plan and skills for investments and partnerships.

Valentina Babych, Director of the House of Culture in Trebukhiv, emphasizes, "This training is essential for anyone diving into their own business. I figured out the basics and the whole entrepreneurship thing."

Kateryna Kyrylyuk, Chair of the Goshcha organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, adds, "Facilitators briefly explained entrepreneurship basics and taught us to create a business plan. It's particularly valuable for us right now."

Nataliya Kovalets, a young entrepreneur from the village of Mykulin in the Hoshcha community, was already running her business. After completing training at UWE Hub, armed with essential knowledge, she decided to aim higher, securing grant funds for the development of her LLC. Nataliya's journey reflects not just business growth but also personal transformation, as she expands her team with newfound confidence.

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