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A self-made wine entrepreneur

Meet Sanata Tsitsuashvili - wine cellar "Lagvan"

Sanata Tsitsuashvili and her family have had vineyards in Akhmeta for years. Previously, part of the harvest was handed over to the winery, while part of the harvest was made by themselves. After the sudden death of her father, Sanatha decided to sell the vineyards, but she was unable to implement the plan.

From 2019, Sanatha started building the cellar. According to her calculations, she should have built a very modest, minimal size cellar, however, with the support of her family, she started the construction of a small family cellar complex. This is where the history of "Lagvan" begins, the name of which is from Sulkhan-Saba's "word corner" and means a large pitcher.

Today, Sanatha produces organic wine. In "Lagvan" we will meet Kakhur green, Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Kis, Orbeli ojalesh, Kakhur Mtsvivan and sparkling wine. Tastings, as well as master classes on preparing Georgian dishes, are frequent in Marani. Sanata gives small lectures about wine to the guests together with the winemaker. In addition, literary evenings and book presentations are organized here.

Along with active entrepreneurial activity, Sanata is a member of "Natural Wine" Association, "Association of Women in the Wine Industry", "Elkana" and "Farmers Association" and participates in almost every exhibition or wine festival in order to promote her wine as much as possible.

As Sanatha points out, working in a cellar and producing wine turned out to be a completely different challenge for her. She is a lawyer by profession, so she had to learn practically everything to be successful in this field. She constantly attended trainings in terms of wine, food safety and business management and is still working on her own development. YES-Georgia (BUZZ) trainings left a special impression on the entrepreneur - "Actually, I didn't lose contact with anyone, neither trainers nor members. There was one big bond where everyone was motivated for each other's well-being".

"Lagvan" has quite interesting plans for the future. Currently, the food safety system (HACCP) is being implemented in Maran, and very soon they will open a cafe, which will work from 7 to 11 o'clock. As Sanatha points out, solar panels are the most needed right now because consuming large amounts of electricity is a heavy burden on both business and nature.

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