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Daily impact on the lives of women and their families is what drives us. It gives evidence of what we do and energizes our people. Every year independent research is carried out to measure our impact and identify areas for further improvement.

Impact dashboard

The latest independent impact survey of 2019 showed the following results:

  • Scale
    Total number of women trained: 220.000 (per March 2020). Total number of staff in India, Gambia & The Netherlands: 90 fte.
  • Sustainability
    5000 anchor women organising monthly learning meetings in 5000 villages
  • Cash (economic empowerment)
    97% of women trained have increased their financial literacy through the training 89% of women are able to manage household expenses better 84% of the women have increased their savings up to 30% 62% have improved their financial situation by increasing their income, lowering their expense or increasing the assets 81% have expanded their enterprise
  • Confidence (personal empowerment)
    47% women have improved self-confidence 3 in 10 buzz women are able to make more decisions than before in their family
  • Community (social empowerment)
    92% are aware of issues in their community 71% of the women have worked upon some issue in their community

Note: Since Climate and Care are new programs that will be added in 2020 and 2021 no impact data can be shown as of now.

Read stories of our impact on our inspiration page.

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