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Building on the Indian success, Buzz Women spread out to the African continent. In March 2018, Buzz Women Gambia was established.

With our mobile classrooms we bring opportunities to low income women, who live in the rural villages and urban communities of The Gambia.



With a team of 21 and 5 buses driving around The Gambia, we've been able to get the following results so far:



flagship programs

We currently have programs rolled out in:

Greater Banjul Area, Western Region, Lower River Region, North Bank Region, Central River Region, Upper River Region.

The Inner Power Training

The Inner Power training is a two-half day training about financial literacy, entrepreneurship and personal development. With our mobile academies we reach women around the country at their doorstep. After the training, the women form a Beehive—a local women’s group. They take ownership and continue their learning process. From this group, one woman will become the Anchor Woman. She will be the two-way connect between Buzz Women and the community.

Buzz Green

Buzz Green is our learning capsule on climate change and environmental education. The curriculum is built to engage, educate and empower women to serve as 'ecopreneurs' and start green businesses that will contribute in climate mitigation. In 4 modules—meaning 4 half days of training—we cover water, land, soil, pollution and consumption and solutions for a green village.


the team

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A word from our changemaker in The Gambia

Fatou Cham



What did you do before Buzz?

I was working with a microfinance institution as a regional manager, supervising the work of credit officers who give out loan to women groups in their communities. I am also a seasoned social worker in the youth sector.

Why did you start working at Buzz?

In finding answers to my questions on the rising scale on poverty I was privileged to join the the Women United Leadership Journey, organised by Better Future in 2017. At that program I was able to make believe that poverty is not about lack of money but a lack of opportunities to explore one's inner ability. This resonates so much with my path to self-development.



Fatou Cham_edited.jpg
Fatou Cham
National Coordinator

"The impact of Buzz is simple: we are changing lives for the better, by allowing women to achieve their hidden goals they would never think they would achieve."

Fatou Manneh_edited.jpg
Fatou Manneh
Buzz Green Master Trainer

"The fact that Buzz Women Gambia exist to economically and socially empower women makes me love to participate in the strive to bring about transformational change in a cohort that constitute a generation of hope in the future, I mean women."

Kebba Sallah
Communication Officer

"Being Buzz means influence. I like Buzz Women for it's a catalyst in creating resilient communities. And coming up with a lasting impact on the development of women"

Ousman Bojang

"I always have a big heart for women and how to support to them. Finding myself working  in an organization that empowers women make me really happy."

Ahmad_Buzz Gambia Trainer
Ahmad Ceesay

"What makes me love being part of the Buzz Women team is the opportunity I’m given to make a positive impact in the lives of the women, through training on financial literacy and business development skills."

Michael Gomez
Senior trainer

"To contribute positively towards changing the lives of women in The Gambia."

Abdou Barry

"I like to work with Buzz Women because we are empowering women. And what we are doing to the women, no one is doing in The Gambia. This is so important, I like to work with Buzz Women up to the end of my career."

Yassin Cham_edited.jpg
Yassin Cham
Financial and Administration Officer

"The organized protocol in Buzz Women made the environment adaptive. I got inspired by the people around. And the training modules speaks volumes and it affects my life positively. Whenever Buzz Women speaks, they talk with dignity!"

Lamin Dampha

"What I love the most as a Buzz staff is positively impacting the livelihood of Gambian Women."

board members

Buzz Women Gambia is actively supported by the following people. We are proud to call them Buzz advisors and ambassadors:

Ousman O. Cham​



"Walking with women is walking towards Human wellbeing. The operational philosophy of Buzz Women is unique in emboldening women to take their destiny in the own hands. Buzz Women enhanced the power of women as leaders in their respective communities.”

Fatou Gaye Saine

Board member


“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on. Buzz Women’s objective of empowering women with financial knowledge, goal setting and leadership skills is to be self-reliant and independent.”

Seedy Njie

Board member


 “The greatest empowerment tool is education. Financial literacy for women is one of the fastest ways of eradicating poverty. I like Buzz Women because its interventions are genuine and the impact made is instantaneous.”

Begay Jabang​

Board member


"I love the inspiring mission of Buzz Women which is all about equipping Gambian women to better manage their finances and empowering them to be more confident and to take charge of their own lives and businesses.”

Omar Baji_edited.png

Omar Baji

Board member


“I like Buzz because of their focus on building the capacity and self-confidence of women which enhance their effective participation in decision making processes at different levels.”



impact stories

“I used to do business and spent my earning unnecessarily without saving a penny. Then, Buzz Women Gambia trained me how to manage my business well and make savings. That made the difference because I used to obtain a loan to run my business. But now, I am debt free.”

African woman speaking in public
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