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A word from our changemaker in India

Uthara Narayanan



What did you do before Buzz?

Working in an NGO.

Why did you start working at Buzz?

To explore the answer to the question "how do people come out of poverty?"

What do you do on a daily basis during your work?

Build relationships with outside stakeholders, keep up the teams motivation and give strategic direction to functions in head office.

What do you like most about working at Buzz?

The positive changes that women experience in themselves, their families and communities. My field visits are my favourite times since I get to interact with the women. They have so much to teach.

What is your dream with Buzz?

See the communities become full of independent thinkers who believe in their own power.

Meet the team


The positive changes that women experience in themselves, their families and communities. My field visits are my favourite times since I get to interact with the women. They have so much to teach.

Uthara Narayanan




I like working for Buzz Women because I can very well connect with the cause and enjoy working with the teams.


Head support



Working at Buzz Women is like a dream come true. I am a proud member of a community of people from different backgrounds who help women attain a sense of agency to solve their own problems.

Tanya Agrawal

Partnerships &
Research Associate


I have a passion for women's empowerment and to help diverse stakeholders work together to create sustainable impact. Buzz Women provides me with ample opportunity and scope to contribute.  The support system in the organisation helping me to go with my passion.


Change Maker—Head of Programs


Buzz has given me an opportunity to build myself and helped me to learn new things, so I love working here.

Santhosh Bhat




I like working at Buzz because the idea of women empowerment as Buzz sees it, is unique. I feel proud of my contribution when I listen to the life-changing stories of the women. It gives me more confidence and encourages me to work no matter what the conditions. 

Archana Guruprakash




What I love about working at Buzz Women is that I am never out of a reason for doing what I do. Buzz promotes actively working on issues that dictate how you lead life and I believe that this can change the world for the better.  


Communication Associate


In a short span of time I have seen Buzz provides a good platform for learning and developing my skills. Also what I enjoy the most is that the organization is very energetic and forging ahead.

Nitin Gopalkrishnan

Programme manager Buzz Green

Trainingsbus in India teaching rural women


Buzz Women has been active in India since 2012. At our headquarters in Bangalore we have a dedicated team that have helped build the organization from the bottom up, until where we are now.

Every day we reach hundreds of women in Bangalore, Chikkabalapura, Chitradurga, Kolar, and Tumkur.


With 8 buses and 21 trainers driving around Karnataka on a daily basis, we've been able to get the following results so far: 






Buzz Women India is actively supported by the following people. We are proud to call them Buzz advisors and ambassadors:


Thejesh GN


Thejesh GN (ತೇಜೇಶ್ ಜಿ.ಎನ್) “Thej” is an independent technologist, developer, blogger, data enthusiast and traveler from Bangalore, India. He is the cofounder of DataMeet. Loves exploring data and programming.


Shweta Taneja


Shweta Taneja is a writer, author, scriptwriter and communication specialist with more than thirteen years of experience in digital and print communication. She’s published four books and more than two hundred articles and can be found lurking at @shwetawrites


Srinivas Ramanujam


Srinivas is passionate about human-centered design and innovation in business models to create a positive impact on society and environment. After more than 15 years of experience across sectors in the corporate, he followed his heart into social entrepreneurship. He works with Villgro and looks after their investments in agriculture and allied sectors. He unwinds and does his best thinking while running early mornings.


PK Narayanan


PK’s passion is to help growth-driven leaders reach their potential and beyond; helping them to be even more successful thus creating a positive impact for themselves, their people, and the society at large. A keen observer of business and social entrepreneurship, leadership strategies and performances, PK brings-in varied skill sets that play an important part in coaching successful business leaders.


Prof. Sourav Mukherji


Professor Sourav Mukherji teaches post-graduate courses at IIM Bangalore on Organization Design and Inclusive Business Models. His research focus is on inclusive business models – businesses that address the needs of the poor in a financially sustainable manner. Sourav is an avid follower of sports, enjoys running long distances and explores means of transferring lessons learned from sports to management.


Gayatri Sriram


Business coaching with expertise in strategy, communication & organisation. Focus on SME and start ups. Building resilience in founders and organisations. Leadership, management capacity building, communication strategy.
Multiple programs & Interventions: Podcasts, workshops, field research, psychometric assessments, individual coaching, webinars, e-learning, in person coaching & mentoring.
Domain experience: startups, business building & scaling, organisation development, management education, sales & marketing, communication, public health management, non-profit management, research & consulting.

Impact stories

"After the first session of the training, I learnt about book-keeping. And soon I realised that my family was spending around 4,000 rupees on unnecessary things. Saving or investing this money properly would be a smarter alternative. I soon began to take loans from banks instead of relying on private/local money-lenders. Educating my children is important to me, and I had to take loans for the same. So, I keep an eye out for the interest rates and check where the interests are low. I often have people ask me where they should borrow money as well. I also started looking at schemes that allowed me to save on the interest. We are not leveraging our gold for money anymore. I am grateful to Buzz Women for their training."

Indian rural woman smiling

Become a driver of progress yourself. Join Buzz Women today and bring opportunity to the doorstep of thousands of women. 

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