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Meet Ganesh, Our Talented Trainer, Whose Sessions Are Simply a Treat

“I want to do my bit in bringing as many women as possible outside the confines of the walls that restrict them from living a fulfilling life.”  – Ganesh C K, Trainer, Buzz India.

When Ganesh stands in front of a training group, it is like you set off fireworks. You’ll hear whole-hearted laughter of the trainee women, you’ll hear examples quoted from Ramayana and Mahabharata and his delivery is replete with real life examples that can change the lives of the women. This is exactly why the turnout percentage for the second day of Ganesh’s training sessions is always above 85%.

Definitely, his ability to capture the attention of the audience and connect with them makes a great difference. But that’s not all. Ganesh truly believes that the training that he is delivering is making a difference to the lives of the women. Before joining Buzz, Ganesh had the experience of working in the community health initiatives. His observed, “I felt all problems, be it health or hygiene or livelihood, everything comes back to one issue – that of poverty. If we are able to attack this problem, we can find solutions to very many others. That’s what made me attracted to the cause of Buzz India. Through Buzz India’s training, we are solving the root cause of many problems.” This conviction about the job that he is doing reflects tremendously in his work.

Most of the women who attend the training ask Ganesh how they can improve their skills and what opportunities they can pursue. Using his prior experience working in the livelihood opportunities space, Ganesh has been instrumental in partnering with skills training institutions to organize training for the women. He does this going beyond the scope of his role as a trainer.

Ganesh is undoubtedly one of our most talented trainers who garners tremendous respect from the women. But Ganesh humbly says “Without the involvement of the women and their aspiration to better their lives, I could possibly not deliver good trainings.”

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