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A 366% increase in income! We have something to learn from this rural entrepreneur

With the completion of the Self Shakti program in 2023 and then the Spoorthi Fellowship in February 2024, Eshrath has taken an oath to leverage her skills and resources to become financially free.

Previously engaged in producing and selling bidis and incense sticks, which earned her Rs. 15,000 per month, Eshrath felt like she could do more. The Self Shakti Training program taught Eshrath the meaning of ‘resourcefulness’ while the Spoorthi Fellowship enhanced her confidence and agency to take initiative. Combining the two learnings, Eshrath is now running a business that has boosted her monthly income between Rs. 65000 to Rs. 70,000! 

Her husband is a sugarcane farmer and they had a sugarcane juice machine in their home that was never used. Recognising the potential of the idle sugarcane juice machine lying unused and seeing that they could earn more with the sugarcane they produced, Eshrath seized the opportunity to diversify her income. She set up a sugarcane juice shop in front of her house alongside her existing bidi and incense sticks business. This strategic decision has significantly boosted her monthly earnings, resulting in a 366% increase in income.

With a vision for the future, Eshrath has taken proactive steps to secure her children's education by starting a Fixed Deposit (FD). Her dream is not only to provide her children with quality education but also to break the cycle of poverty and limited educational opportunities that have affected the women in her family for generations. “I faced barriers to my own education. I was not allowed to study after the 10th standard. I am determined to ensure that my daughters have access to a higher education so they can build the life of their choice. The Spoorthi Fellowship has shown me this.” 

Looking ahead, Eshrath aspires to build her own house and expand her business ventures by starting another shop and employing more people; she wants to be the catalyst to betterng other women’s livelihoods. Eshrath has just completed the Spoorthi Fellowship and is eager to pave the way for community change by ensuring lots of girls get an education. 

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