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Year reflection from the Buzz Gambia Chief-Changemaker.

Leveraging the power of knowledge, purpose, partnership, and connection, we accomplished a lot in the year 2023. We were able to raise voices and change the conversation around what is not possible to how women can achieve individual and community goals through our work at Buzz. Our dynamic staff played a significant role in achieving Buzz Women's core mandate, emphasizing the accomplishments we made. This year has been a year of hope and resilience as we step out of our comfort zones to reach every woman in the farthest corner of the Lower River Region (LRR).

We celebrate the unlimited potential of women and the many accomplishments around our work every day as we reach 500,000 women globally. However, as we mark our fifth year, I find myself reflecting on how far we have come as an organization and how much further we have yet to go. This year marks a call for action to accelerate opportunities for women as we fight against poverty, climate change, vulnerability, food security, and financial independence in the Gambia. Partnerships with organizations and individuals will strengthen our reach to these women. For me, this is a year to take stock of our inventory, recognize progress and the journey ahead, and bring colleagues and co-workers on this journey.

Although progress has been made, I expect it to be much farther along than where we are today. I have witnessed the progress in the workplace and the communities around us, but there is still a long way to go.

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