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‘Strengthening our organisation is key now’ 

Strategic update from our founders

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to get far, go together.’ This directly applies to the current stage of organisational development Buzz Women is in. With the increase in outreach, number of coworkers and partners new challenges continuously arise. The underlying message for us is to get our organisation ‘growth ready’ in all senses. Part of the challenge is in our systems, whereby we need to invest in a new IT platform which will enable our trainers in the villages to register key participant data in a smooth and fast way. The new platform will also allow us to track our impact in a much more sophisticated way. Of course data privacy and security our key concerns in this. A second challenge is in the ‘sustainable funding’ of our operations. A major development here is that we have started a ‘Shakti Fund’ which enables women whow have been trained by Buzz Women to save money on a monthly basis and in this way fund the training of another woman. Pay it forward in action! Besides this ‘fueling from within’ we are actively working on new and exciting models of partnerships with corporates both in India Africa and Europe. An ongoing challenge is the training and development of our team. We are investing substantially on upgrading the skills of our teams, including all community anchors (now about 3000 in number) who get a specially designed ‘Spoorthi’ leadership fellowship. In addition we have a wonderful learning system in place to learn from the women we meet. Team members share stories and take ideas from the women into our daily practices. Learning from the people we serve has given us all the ideas and inspiration for improving our work!

Uthara & Dave

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