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Reaching women in Eastern Georgia

Regional Awareness Raising Campaign in Eastern Georgia and Additional Training Series for Buzz-Ambassadors

On June 30 and July 1-3, 2023, USAID YES-Georgia team, in cooperation with Buzz-Ambassadors, held a 4-day Awareness Raising Campaign on Women Entrepreneurship with a branded bus in Kakheti Region. In particular, the trip covered Sighnaghi, Gurjaani, Telavi, Akhmeta and Sagarejo Municipalities. During the campaign, the Buzz Georgia team visited local women entrepreneurs’ business locations to hold motivational meetings with the local women, they provided the information on the program goals and objectives, as well as the benefits of developing entrepreneurial skills. Overall, 13 sites were visited and around 100 women were reached by the Awareness Raising Campaign. As a result, the number of Buzz Georgia's closed Facebook group, which is a networking platform for women, has increased up to 2329 women.

The Regional Awareness Raising Campaign was covered in number of media channels, such as the journal “Entrepreneur” and "Georgia Today" and regional newspapers – ‘’Mtis Ambebi’’ (stories of a mountain) and ‘’Media Centre Kakheti’’.

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