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Mission 2025 – One million women!

Our impact is pushing us to do more! We want to create more women who just can’t stay poor! Our simple two-half day training and long term hand-holding has miraculously changed the fortunes of 15000 low income women in the last five years. When we got to see how the training changed their lives, we got bitten by the urge to do more and impact many more lives. There are 3 million low income women in the state of Karnataka, India. We want to impact 1 million women by 2025! A tall order that is and we are taking up a massive scale-up challenge! 8 years to go – 1 million women to reach – Scale to 66 times the current capacity

We want to impact 1 million women by 2025!

  1. 1 million women will be trained by Buzz India

  2. 5,000,000 rural people touched by Buzz India will change their attitude from ‘day to day living’ to thinking about the future, visualizing and achieving their life goals

  3. 150,000 women will start new businesses

  4. 950,000 families will stop borrowing from money lenders

  5. 1,000,000 women will have bank accounts and enroll into government sponsored insurance schemes

Here’s how we plan to reach this goal:

  1. We will train 112000 women every year from 2018 through 2025 (80,000 women in 2017)

  2. We will empower 560 rural women every year to become community leaders called as Buzz Gelathi’s/Friends

  3. Through these women, we will ensure long-term behavioural change

  4. From 4 buses our fleet will grow to 14 buses by 2025

  5. The number of trainers will be more than double—from 12 to 28<

What are the long term changes that our work will bring about?

  1. Our women will and their families will live with increased financial security – sustained income generation increased savings, reduced debt, increased use of insurance, pension products

  2. Our women will become empowered individuals who are problem solvers in their own lives and have overcome poverty

  3. Our women will demonstrate leadership by bringing their communities together to solve community level problems

Join Us in Our Big Dream Monetary Contribution:

  1. Sponsor a training

  2. Sponsor a trainer

  3. Adopt a village

  4. Fund a woman leader in the village (Buzz Gelathi)

  5. Fund a training bus I Sponsor our post-training outreach

Non-monetary Contribution:

  1. Offer your expertise – Mentoring, writing, photography, video-making, photograph etc

  2. Join us on our village visits

  3. Volunteer as a trainer

  4. Fundraise for us

  5. Talk about us on social media

  6. Share information that you think will help us do a better job

Write to us –

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