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Listen to our 10 year anniversary song: I have the power in me!

Click on this link to hear the song on Youtube.

Uthara: 'Every time I listen to this song it makes me tear up just imagining the power of the women whose change stories I have heard and seen. Dedicated to the power of women who embolden Buzz Women team to be audacious in our dreams to reach millions more across the globe.'

This song was specially created for Buzz's 10 year anniversary!

Meaning of the lyrics

I have the power in me! I have the intelligence in me!

Learning, teaching, with talent, moving forward

Growing herself, making a name, standing on top

Whatever the world says, without bowing her head and without losing to anyone and without forgetting love

She is the driver of progress….

Caraṇa 1.

Whatever anyone says, she walks with persistence

She wins over loss

She makes pain smile

The light of hope

A new life

Because of you the whole life is active

Caraṇa 2

Like a beehive, assembling with strength

Shining with sharing of the sweet knowledge

Bringing everyone together

Building the society

She changed the direction of reality


Thanks Raghu Dixit for lending your voice for the cause

Thanks Vishal Naidruv for the brilliant composition

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