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Drivers with a difference

Our team of drivers is a crucial part of our impact on society. They go above and beyond to help educate women in financial literacy and leadership skills. Meet James Mendy, a dedicated driver who like his colleagues, are always the first to start work and the last to leave. Our drivers ensure that the vehicles are safe for the road and equip the mobile school buses with chairs and stationery needed for everyday training in remote areas.

But that's not all. Our drivers prioritize the safety of our trainers in the field, driving them to every corner of the country. Drivers like James even go out of their way to help the trainers take records, capture pictures for communications, and help in translations in some communities. Buzz Women Gambia drivers also play a vital role in mobilizing groups to be trained in our modules.

Join us to celebrate our drivers today and forever for their dedication and steadfastness in our journey.

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