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Combining Reach and Depth

The strategic update from our founders

We are excited to share that opportunities to widen and deepen our impact are emerging. With a continuous learning system on the ground in over 3000 villages, we have the chance to add new learning elements that can improve the lives of the women. Part of our success so far has been our focus on what we have been doing well: bringing transformation to the doorstep of women. One of our beliefs is that ‘strategic talk behind a desk’ is of very less value without knowing the ‘felt needs on the ground’. Since launching Buzz Women back in 2012 we have learned that the women themselves always show us the way. For this reason, we always go to the women and listen to their views, being both the owners and experts in their development journey. We are confident that in this way we build a ‘what matters most to women’ learning system which is both strategic and practical.

Uthara & Dave

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