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Buzzing Mai shares her story...

Mai Badjie is a woman from the village of Penyem in Kombo East. Her story is phenomenal two years ago we met Mai and had a chat with her, she had a small business and always struggled to make it grow. When we spoke to her about what hinders her growth. Mai didn't

hesitate to talk about how local ceremonies and events find a way of disrupting her business. Mai used to take money from her earnings to attend ceremonies in and around her village.

After receiving her Buzz flagship training in financial literacy and leadership skills. She found new ways of managing her income, paying herself a salary from her business and also engaging in other forms of business animal husbandry and gardening. She made good use of her spacious backyard where she grows bananas as another form of income.

Women like Mai are the purpose of our collective journey to build resilient communities.

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