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10 Year Anniversary Buzz Women


were the words used to describe our 10th anniversary celebration last week. The amount of energy, love and joy brought by our Chief Changemakers from India, The Gambia, Georgia and The Netherlands was beyond words and created the true Buzz Women magic. During the event the audience moved along the different Buzz countries who were represented in different rooms. In every room you got a local Buzz experience and there was time to ask questions and connect with the Chief Changemakers.

In the past 10 years Buzz Women has become a global movement consisting of over 364.000 women worldwide. On this day we celebrated their courage, their dreams and their inner power, self-shakti as we call it in India. We also talked about the future of Buzz women and our goal of reaching 10 million women by 2030. Our organisation and impact keeps on growing, which allows us to move beyond geographical borders and explore new areas for Buzz to set foot on ground.

Being able to celebrate this all together was an actual dream come true. A heartfelt thank you to all of you who joined the event! We are endlessly grateful for your support and contribution throughout our journey!

On to the next 10 years in which we'll continue to enable women to ignite their personal and collective power!

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