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Together with fellow women you build your own learn and support group. We call this local women’s group a Beehive. It’s the place where you can work on progress for yourself and the world around you.


the Beehive model

A Beehive is a local women’s group that arises from the initial training. The group gets together regularly to build a safe space for true dialogue and deep listening. The Beehives are the beating heart of our movement. It’s where the learning and action takes place.


Every Beehive has an Anchor Woman, she is the initiator and facilitator of the meetings and is the main connect between Buzz and the Beehive.


Buzz deepens the Beehive conversation with knowledge and inspiration.

Beehives worldwide

If you ask us, bringing women together is always a good idea.


The Beehive concept is not limited to the places where Buzz Women has ground presence, but is available for you wherever you are. With the (online) support of Buzz Women anyone can start a Beehive.


All Beehives are part of our global network. Together you shape progress and address the most pressing challenges of our time.


Beehive from India

With the loan and support taken from the Beehive, Mahadevamma started a small hotel business. She also managed to repair her house. Sharada bought an auto for her husband. Like this, every woman here is achieving their goals, with the support of a group of women like her.'


Beehive testimonials

"We don't empower you,
you empower yourself."

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