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Women empowering women

Nyima is a Tailor and a Buzz-trained woman she also doubles as Dimba Nyima (anchorwoman) in the community of Bwiam. Back in December, we meet Nyima at the Anchorwoman gathering to discuss the Jambar Fund (Fund in which Buzz trained women voluntarily contribute to enable other women to join the Buzz training). She had a goal back then to get more machines for her tailoring business. This year in June we went to monitor how the Jambar fund is doing and stopped by Bwiam Market and pay Nyima a visit at her shop. To our amazement Nyima has achieved more than one of her goals, she bought extra machines to pull different designs on fabrics, a manifestation of the Buzz Women Training in financial literacy and leadership skills.

We found Nyima breastfeeding her newly born baby and surrounded by many young women. She told us she is training four girls and one boy at her shop, giving them knowledge and skills free of charge in the field of tailoring. We asked Nyima about her reflection on the Buzz Training:

We were zero Dalasi’s (Gambian currency) women, Said Nyima, all along we didn’t realize owning small ruminant animals, pieces of land and assets are a form of wealth till we had this training with the Buzz team that made us stronger to stand on our own two feet not stopping there, we want to contribute to the empowerment of other women that’s why we are part of the Jambar fund to enable every woman to get the training we had.

Furthermore, for women of Bwiam, our aim is higher, many are interested in skills like craft, tie & die and knitting. I want to train as many young women as possible in tailoring and graduate them each with a sewing machine of their own to start their businesses. we are also urging the government to complement the efforts of Buzz to empower many women for socio-economic growth”.

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