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Women can do anything!

After the training I realized that any woman can do anything, if she has a strong will and positive mindset”.

​​Hello I am Ranjitha, I’m a rural woman from Halaguru in Karnataka. I live with my husband, daughter and son. A fear of not being able to do anything has always been the shadow in my life. I was not allowed to come out of the house, which fuelled that fear even more. The only purpose I had was doing household work and taking care of the kids. My husband was the only source of income to the family.

My Anganwadi teacher asked me to attend self-shakti training by Buzz Women. There was nothing much I expected from this training, but I went out of respect for my teacher and I'm forever grateful for the opportunity she gave me. Buzz Women made me realize that I’m the driver of my own life and that I have the strength to overcome all of my fears.

After participating in the self-shakti training I got an idea to do something for my community in which I can also earn some income. I have been influenced by the concept of financial management and personal development. Specifically writing daily expenses and incomes of households.

And with this knowledge I not only want to help myself, but I want to help other women combating poverty too. I discovered there are many SHG’s (self help groups and banks) where women can get a loan with lower rate of interest. With the support of our Buzz Anchor Women Facilitator I have already helped 30 village women to get a loan. I’m proud that I can use my knowledge to contribute to the development of more and more women like me.

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