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When One Woman Shared Her Learning to Impact the Lives of 12 Other Women

Bharathi and a friend did the job of cutting and trimming of clothes made at a factory near her village, Machohalli Colony. They would collect clothes from the factory, do the job at their homes and return it. One day Bharathi happened to hear about the Buzz training that was coming to her village and she promptly enrolled herself. She found herself at awe of the possibility of saving, improving her life and getting ahead. She went back home and started living by the learning that she got at the training. Within just a few months, she saw that her savings increased and her attitude towards life also changed. But change was not just about her.

For Bharathi, it was extremely important that she shared what she learned with other women. “I started telling women about the change that happened in my life and that their lives also could change”. She didn’t just stop at spreading the word, she began to start making this possibility available for other women by opening her house for more women to take up the job from the factory. One by one, 12 women came to her and joined the cutting and trimming job at her home. Together, they are a force and are able to take up extra work and earn a steady income. They have started a savings scheme amongst themselves which acts as a collective security system.

We are touched to see how one woman took her learning, selflessly, to impact the lives of twelve other women. Bharathi’s genuine and giving heart is a huge inspiration.

Watch: Bharathi shares her inspiring story

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