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Turning Challenges into Empowerment: Lilia's Inspiring Journey with U&WE Hub

Lilia Korchevska, a professor at Kherson National Technical University, had a fulfilling life with a rewarding career, beloved clients, a large family, a home, hobbies, and cherished belongings.

However, everything changed after the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, when Russian forces occupied the city of Kherson. Lilia had to leave her home, job, city, and everything that constituted her life.

Lilia relocated to Chernivtsi, where relatives and friends assisted with housing and adaptation. It was there that she discovered U&WE Hub, an initiative she approached to offer her assistance as a mentor, lecturer, and experienced individual. Lilia became a facilitator, helping teach other women in the 7-day entrepreneurship program of U&WE Hub.

Lilia believes that an environment filled with initiative and driven individuals in business empowers women to take the first step because doing it alone is too challenging, even with a wealth of knowledge. This principle worked with her as well.

While teaching and helping others, Lilia herself took the first steps toward her own business. Alongside her husband, they created their first product - the "Body as a Miracle" psychotherapeutic group.

Lilia thanks the U&WE Hub for giving her confidence, and the support from other women made her brave enough to start her own business.

Now, Lilia has hundreds of friends and acquaintances, joined by a collective synergy of women who support and help each other, grow and develop together.

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