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This Rural Woman Planted 100 Trees in Her Backyard and Is Making Her Village Treefully Rich!

Shashikala became restless after the Buzz Green training. She felt an incredible responsibility towards the future or her grandchildren, towards preserving the environment for her grandchildren.

She went back home that day and talked to her family. She told them she wants to plant trees in their land. Not one, not two, but at least a hundred. Her family was pleasantly surprised, but they understood where Shashikala was coming from.

Her house stands in a 2.5-acre land which was barely cultivated. She had a few coconut trees and plantain growing. Shashikala reached out to the local panchayat office and got saplings for free. She didn’t choose the fast growing, commercially profitable saplings, but specifically asked for ones that would grow to become big, enormous trees.

Shashikala is vocal about the green transformation in her life that started with the Buzz Green training in 2022. Whether in her neighbourhood or at her local Self-Help group meetings, she is a green inspiration. She inspired her neighbours to plant trees, start kitchen gardens and green every bit of land available. Slowly, one house after the other, in every small patch of land, trees are being planted in this remote village of Narasandra. A certain camaraderie has started over greening their village, thanks to Shashikala.

From mahogany to red sandalwood, Shashikala’s backyard is becoming treefully rich! She’s waiting for the next rainy season to rejuvenate the soil for her to plant more trees. These trees will take years to grow and give shade, but Shashikala says, “I’m not doing this for myself, but for our grandchildren”. Isn’t she the kind of grandparents we should aspire to become?

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