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The very 1st Salary

Hello I'm Pramila, a Teacher Certificate Higher (A qualifying teacher’s training course from Government of Karnataka) graduate, who became a housewife to look after the family after my marriage. I always wanted to take up a job and earn, but the family wanted me to stay at home, especially to look after my kids. I had attended Self Shakti by Buzz Women in 2019, and had opened a petty shop, within my residential plot. The business was going as usual, but I wanted more.

Hence I took up Buzz Vyapar (Buzz Business) training. Here I learnt how to make the most of my business, how to diversify the products in my petty shop, how to utilize the support of family to expand my business hours and more.

After 2 years of petty shop business, and implementing the learnings from Buzz Vyapar, I took my 1st salary in January 2022 of INR 2500. I recall having tears of joy the moment I set aside my salary amount. Earlier, I used to keep aside for household expenses from my business, which I never considered as salary. But, from January 2022, I am able to take the salary, apart from the household expenses and I have plans to save more for my daughter's marriage with this salary of mine.

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