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The importance of having fertile agricultural land

Manjamma from Avalipalya in Tumkur District underwent our Buzz Green training and was selected as a Green Motivator. What happened next is the reason we started the Buzz Green program: to enable women through knowledge, tools and skills to make informed decisions and influence their community to do the same.

Before attending the training, Manjamma's family had decided to sell their agricultural land. The land is in the prime location of the village and if converted to residential plots and sold, would fetch good money.

After attending our Buzz Green training, Manjamma understood the importance of having fertile agricultural land that has sustainable impact on the environment. Rather, residential plots which could create more carbon footprints and severely affect the natural ecosystem.

She spoke to her family about the ill effects of converting the fertile land into residential plots and convinced them to change the decision of selling the land and instead grow vegetables using organic farming methods.

Additionally, she explained to them the money can be sourced from other sources at the time of need, but the fertile ancestral land that was earned and safeguarded by the ancestors is always hard to come. The regular income generated by the land will stay with the family for generations to come rather than the one-time money.

Through Buzz Green Manjamma found the courage to stand up and the land was conserved, cultivated organically and bloomed again!!

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