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The beginning of a better journey

Hello I am Anitha Mahesh, a farmer by occupation from Bachenahalli, Arasikere Taluk. I stay with my husband and daughter. Along with farming, we also rear cattle at home and sell around 10-12 litres of milk, with this we earn INR 300-400 in a day. Earlier, our family used to stay in Bangalore and both my husband and I were working in a garment factory. In 2019, due to job loss because of Covid-19, our family shifted to our village Bachenahalli. We had taken more than a lakh loan while leaving Bangalore, which we were struggling to repay. We had ancestral land in our village, which we leased for coconut farming.

In March 2022, I attended the Self Shakti program. Before Self Shakti, me and my husband used to consider all the income that comes from agriculture as profit, but during Self Shakti I understood the difference between investment and profit and started maintaining the accounts of both the farm and milk businesses.

During Self Shakti, I learnt how to manage the money well and save better. Along with this I am also implementing what I learnt about managing my relationships, be it with my family or neighbours or friends. Also, me and my husband are using the profit from selling the milk smartly, for example by planting more crops in our land and for our daughter’s education.

With Self Shakti I have now started my journey towards better self, family, income, savings and future!

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