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Rupashree Gets a Grip Back on Her Life after Her Husband’s Death

After the second day of Buzz India’s training in Kammasandra village, Rupashree walked up to our trainer Murthy with tears in her eyes. She thanked him profusely for the knowledge that he shared. She then shared with him that she’s a widow, at just the age of 28, and has an eight-month-old baby and an 85-year-old grandmother at home. She didn’t know how to pick herself up – from the tragedy of her husband’s passing and that of being rendered income less as her husband was the sole earning member of the family.

Rupashree asked Murthy what she should be doing. Murthy didn’t want to give her any readymade solutions. He wanted her to find her own solutions but decided to give her a nudge towards the direction in which she could think through her future plans. Murthy enquired about the skills she possessed and she immediately said tailoring. He then encouraged her to think about monetizing this skill and left her with this thought.

After a couple of months, Murthy decided to find out how Rupashree was doing. He called her and was delighted to find that she was not the same woman whose spirits were broken. She had started tailoring at her house and earned enough money, not just to meet the expenses of her family, but also to start saving. She told Murthy that she’s saving money to reopen the shop that her husband was running. It was a small shop that sold Pooja items near the renowned temple in the village. They had shut it down after his death but now Rupashree is confident that she can run it on her own. Rupashree has started her journey to financial freedom and there’s definitely no looking back.

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