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Rajamma Questioned Herself and Scripted Her Prosperity

“The weight of my financial troubles was sinking me and I was clueless about how to take my life forward”, shared Rajamma of Devanahalli, Korategere Taluk. Rajamma was working as a tailoring teacher in a local firm. She earned only a meager salary which and almost all of this went towards a loan that she had taken to build their house. This Rs 5 lakh loan taken from a moneylender at a high-interest rate was making her life miserable. “How much ever I was earning, that was enough only to pay the interest for the loan. I was living my life in this constant agony of financial troubles. The worries consumed me so much I was unable to even talk lovingly to my children.”

One day when she was coming back from work, she heard from a friend about the Buzz India training that was to be held in the local Aaganwadi school. “My life is a test in itself, what use will I have attending a training?”, she asked her friend. But her friend coaxed her so much that Rajamma decided to attend the training.

The training, delivered by our Trainer Goverdhan, provided the much-needed platform for Rajamma to analyse her life. “Why am I working for such a low salary? Why can I not start a tailoring business of my own? Why am I paying so much interest for my loan? Why can I not take a bank loan for a lesser interest rate?”, she found herself asking all these questions to herself. The best part is that she found the ability in herself to resolve all these questions. In every answer, she found the strength to rewire her life.

She quit her job, approached a bank for a small business loan, bought two tailoring machines and started her own tailoring business at home. Her earning has increased and she’s no longer struggling to repay her loan. Over and above her expenses, she has been able to save money as well. Having taken charge of her life and her finances, Rajamma has rediscovered happiness and is free of worries.

As someone who has a success story to share, she now inspires her friends and her customers to save money and manage their finances. That’s the beauty of a woman’s success story, it never ends with her.

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