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Our Trainer’s Chief Guest Moment

Tejaswini, our trainer, was taken aback by surprise when the women of Kammasandra village invited her as Chief Guest for their Women’s Day programme. In typical womanly humility, she tried telling them “No, I’m no great woman to deserve this honour.” But for the women, Tejaswini was their trainer who inspired them, who brought change to their lives. They saw a role model in her and were insistent that Tejaswini should grace their celebration. She accepted with great happiness.

Tejaswini had never imagined that she would be a Chief Guest of a programme. She delivered a speech that was received with a resounding applause. The respect and regard that she received at the event was something that she would cherish for a lifetime.

Back at home in the evening, Tejaswini’s mother saw the video of her daughter’s speech. Usually reluctant in sharing words of appreciation, Tejaswini’s mother looked at her and said “How do you know so much? I’m proud of you.” Tejaswini couldn’t ask for more, she was beaming with joy. “When the women felicitated me, I knew they were looking up to me. It helped me see how important my work is to their lives. And then my mother said she was proud of me. I am now inspired to take my work to as many women as possible.”

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